Barbara White - Hobbyist
Bill Lewis- Hobbyist The buffet, mirror frame and cheese board
Bob Kearney, Hobbyist
Claire Betz - Amateur
Dan Crowley, Professional
David Redden - Hobbyist
Forrest Procter - Professional
Newburgh, ME 04444
(207) – 234 – 9908

My goal is to create beautiful pieces of furniture that will last for generations. Beautiful hardwoods, simple elegant designs, traditional joinery, and fine craftsmanship produce results that I am proud to put my name on. Custom pieces are more than welcome.
Frank Southard, Professional
Sidney Woodworks
3427 Middle Road
Sidney, ME

I specialize in finely crafted tables, cabinets and decorative boxes. Furniture styles range from rustic barn board tables to Shaker-inspired cherry furniture. I
enjoy working with customers who want to put their ideas into a one-of-a-kind piece.
Gordon Swenson

Jeff Perry
Jim Hanscom
Ken King
Mauria O'Brien
Mike Day - Hobbyist
Patricia Sunderland - Treasurer
Randall Mayse - Professional
51 Turkey Lane
Buxton, ME 04093

My business and passion is building heirloom quality, custom design furniture with special attention to unique style and versatile function.
Rolfe Dries - Hobbyist

Recently retired engineer. Woodworking experience includes renovation of an 1840’s brick cape house, saving a 38′ by 54′ barn, and building a camp. Although accuracy was required with the renovation and home building projects it falls far short of skills required for furniture making. My goals are to begin to make furniture, windows and doors.

The Woodworkers Guild is a great place to meet skilled woodworking craftsmen and learn techniques which are shared freely.
Ron Boes - Hobbyist
PO Box 1594
Windham, ME 04062

My preference in woodworking is to build furniture in the mission and traditional style. I also enjoy restoration of all well made furniture worthy of keeping out of the wood stove.
Stephen Libby
Stig Ammentorp - Hobbyist
Susan Chandler - Hobbyist
Wes Sunderland – President
92 Depot Rd.
West Baldwin, ME 04091

Tel. # 207-625-7000

Wes Sunderland specializes in making 18th century furniture in the Chippendale, Queen Anne, and William & Mary periods. Hand tools are applied in fabrication of all parts. Joinery replicates methods as used in the appropriate period. Mahogany as well as North American hardwoods are employed. Black walnut, cherry, oak, and maple are a few examples. Chair reproduction is a specialty.